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Saturday, April 22, 2006

I always get nostalgic with that song (reposted)

I always get nostalgic with that song. What a change of events and for that matter feelings as well for that matter. What a difference a couple weeks, or hell even five days can make. Meeting someone who lives an hour and a half away as opposed to 9 hours away, who I essentially have a lot more in common with and unfortunately had far more fun spending time around, really makes a guy question what the hell he really wants.

But it is hard to describe as well how I felt when I returned home last night after spending several hours with her, both helping setting up things for the swing dancing thingy at the Hilton, but also for dinner and eventually a drink afterwards. I had a huge smile on my face all the way home as I cranked That Song in my car as I cruised down US 395.

All I can really hope for now is that the two of us can continue to hang out, as she also promised to go with me to IKEA in Sacramento to help me pick out furniture for my new apartment which essentially will be a huge help as I can use all the help I can get when it comes to picking things out. She also promised her attendance at my eventual housewarming party, which also should prove to be a heck of a lot of fun, then again something tells me just about anything, would be fun with her.

To be entirely honest, it has been ages since I have felt like this, I cant stop smiling, I feel absolutely great and really couldn’t be much happier, well I could be but that’s only because I wish I didn’t have to be up at 5:30 on a Friday morning after being out late last night, but hell not too much I can do about that is there?

Overall that’s about all the semi important or even meaningful things I can come up with to say at such an early hour on a Friday morning. This weekend proves to be interesting as I will be spending some, hopefully quite a bit of time with Audrey as I will be at the bowling thing at 2:30 Saturday morning with her as well as taking lessons on Saturday and hopefully meeting up for dinner or drinks or both, as well as then helping take things down for the event on Sunday, overall, fun will hopefully be had by all, and I hope I still feel this good come Monday morning.

Other than that, I am totally in the market for a vintage Ford Falcon.


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