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Thursday, February 16, 2006

The traveling man hits the road again

The traveling man one again hits the road this weekend making a Friday to Monday voyage to sunny Las Vegas, Nevada. This trip will mark my sixth to sin city, and my first time going without driving. I know the concept of me of all people not driving is surprising, as I practically live in my car, but this was my grandfather’s idea as he will be traveling with me for this trip.

The trip also marks my first trip while being legal to partake in all Las Vegas has to offer, and I shall be taking full advantage of that, as we are staying on the strip. While in Vegas, the plan is to hit everything we can as my grandfather has not been to Las Vegas in the better part of 13 years or more.

A weekend like this is much needed as work is starting to take its ever present toll on my body and my mind and making a four day weekend seems as good of way as any to ease my mind and try to relax and have a little fun.

While in Vegas, there is also the opportunity to obtain the car mentioned in my prior post, a white Porsche 914 in moderately decent condition. I believe however that I shouldn’t purchase this car quite yet as I really lack a place to store it at the present time. Until I move out of the dorms hopefully in May, I have no real good location, besides a friends garage in Las Vegas, to store a second car.

This weekend also kicks off my travel extravaganza as every weekend for the next month I will be hitting the road with the exception of one, concluding with spring break which will lead me through three or perhaps more states visiting friends, looking for cars, and seeing parts of the country I have yet to experience. This travel is what keeps me both sane, but alive and kicking as well, its one of the few things I truly enjoy in life that makes me honestly happy.

Prior to the long spring break voyage my present car needs some work, new struts and perhaps new brakes as well as a couple new tires, that will without a doubt crimp my cash flow, but I should still be able to make the trip comfortably from Reno to Flagstaff and then on to Southern California.

That’s all I have for now, over and out, and on to packing.


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