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Thursday, February 23, 2006

A trip to Las Vegas, a trip marred by problems and issues, ups and of course downs. Why flights must decided to be hours late leaving Houston Texas whenever I decide to fly and have a plane coming from there I will never know, but the flight from Reno to Vegas left Northern Nevada a wee bit late. That part wasn’t so bad, the flight was uneventful and fairly smooth. Upon arriving in Vegas I was confronted by the single worst airport I have ever encountered, hell this makes Sea-Tac look like a walk in the park. After finally getting the luggage and progressing to fetching the rental car, that lead to another long delay.

After getting lost on the way to finding the Flamingo (I thought id go the wrong way on Warm Springs for the hell of it) we finally arrived only to find out that they lost our damn reservations. So there went another hour down the tubes as we finally got a room as we had proof that reservations were made. The room itself was wonderful, we were starved, got dinner, and then I wandered the strip a little while the grandfather had miserable luck at the blackjack table.

The next day looked to be better, as well, it sure couldn’t have been a hell of a lot worse that’s for sure. We walked the strip towards the Luxor, going into many a casino checking them out and looking for tables with reasonably low minimum bets. None of those were to be found however till the afternoon. We dined on some of the best pizza at the new York, New York as we were happy to get out of the strong wind that was hitting us in the face for most of the walk.

After finally returning to the Flamingo we kicked back and watched the third period of the hockey game featuring the United States and the Czech Republic which the United StatesSahara. managed to lose we decided to hop in the car and aim for the

At the Sahara, an older casino on the far end of the strip, we were immediately greeted by a welcoming sight in the smoky haze of a room, blackjack tables with good limits. We parked ourselves there and looked to see what would unfold. For me, I got lucky and ended up walking out with a nice chunk of cash, the grandfather managed to break even.

This summed up the trip as the unlikely seemed to happen more and more, the following morning when we went to the top of the Stratosphere and it decided to snow…… yes, snowing in Las Vegas, the unlikely continued as when we hit the casino at the Stratosphere my luck continued as I managed to walk out with a sizeable amount more money than when I walked in.

This more or less sums up the trip, it was filled with the unlikely and unexpected but was overall one of the most fun times I have had in Las Vegas, hopefully to be surpassed when I return in March on spring break.
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