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Monday, March 27, 2006

There I Was, A Natural Street Freak. Eating Whatever Came By

Hockey was exactly what the doctor ordered to bring me around, a thrilling shootout victory by the Las Vegas Wranglers over the heated Alaska Aces. Following the game was hitting a favourite local eating establishment with my buddy Pete who I was staying with while in Vegas. The night was long, tiring, but a much needed stress reliever after hectic school time.

Sunday was to be a completely different story, I agreed to go to work with Pete so I could work on school related items such as a study guide, reading, and editing a paper I got part of this done which was better than none, but a 12 hour day on a Sunday watching someone work on computer aided drafting for a trade booth for the NHRA is far from exciting, but it was beneficial as I had ample time to work on things that needed to be done, but I still managed to piss away at least half the day.

Pissing away time was mainly what I did the next day as well except I managed to clean up a large part of the house as it was in shambles thanks to Pete’s other roommate who leaves the house in disarray and it is no help that Pete is rarely if ever there as he works most of the day goes out to dinner and then comes home only to pass out and start over again the next morning,. Overall Monday was a waste as I accomplished next to nothing but I vowed I would make up for it Tuesday.

Tuesday kicked off with going to a Mitsubishi dealership in search of the motor and regulator, which I lucked out on and found the last one in the city for a mere $156. The part was quickly purchased and placed in my trunk waiting for installation upon the eventual return to Reno.

Vegas had little left to offer me besides tossing money on the blackjack table that I realize I shouldn’t not have partaken in it was snowing again causing me to do a double take and pop on the heater as I cruised back to Pete’s to wind down the day and prepare for the next mornings departure to beautiful southern California. I had no idea what to expect but I was clearly looking for the best out of the trip and praying I don’t get lost on the way.


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