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Sunday, April 09, 2006

What a week, and weekend

Another weekend for a college student.

And what a week leading into this weekend as well. The search for a place came to an abrupt end Thursday as I got approved and will move on May 6 to an apartment in NW Reno. This will be my first move to someplace besides either my home back in Oregon or to a dorm building so it shall prove to be rather interesting to say the least. The furniture shopping should be oh so exciting, as I will have to come up with everything major except the kitchen appliances whish is a small relief but it shall still be a challenge to have even a remotely furnished apartment by mid June.

More than anything I am glad that this apartment is in a good part of town, someplace I wont have to worry about my car disappearing because it has out of state license plates, like one place I was looking at I fear that would have very likely happened.

Besides the adventures of finding a place to live by the 18th I really haven’t done all too much productive stuff, well unless you count having relationship issues as something productive than I haven’t particularly accomplished much. I just love cryptic messages from someone you are supposed to be in a relationship with is always wonderful and something to look forward to.

As if things couldn’t get worse I’m being bombarded with things to do for classes as well as making a trip to Las Vegas next weekend to shoot video for my project for Journalism 204, that should be exciting, unfortunately the person I am supposed to be in a relationship with will also be in Las Vegas, and that means I will likely have to go incognito it seems. The last thing I need is her causing issues while I’m working on something for the project, might just have to leave the phone at home for the trip. The trip may end up being a guys weekend in Vegas with the exception of the video shooting, but I could likely use something to take my mind off of everything else. A good weekend Las Vegas seems to be able to solve anything and everything. The drive to and from Las Vegas also is a good time to think and reflect on what all is going on and what can be done to change or make things better and I feel that is what I desperately need.


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