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Monday, March 27, 2006

Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas

Part one of 3 of the Spring Break journey

Spring Break is a time to escape, and leave town for someplace new, different, and by far warmer than Reno is what it’s all about. The trip unfortunately was marred by problems before the departure time of Saturday morning even rolled around.

Friday evening on my way to Sparks to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on my way out there, I had my window down briefly and then as I went to put it up it moved roughly three inches upwards before a series of clicking noises emitted from my door. Thinking it was stuck I attempted to pull it up, when that caused nothing, I made an emergency call to a friend to see if she could look at the car and diagnose the problem.

Well the problem was that I somehow managed to strip the gear on the motor, which was yanked out of the car after about a hour of disassembling of the door leaving the entire inside panel of it in the trunk of my car. The window itself was then propped up by two pieces of wood between the window and the window seal in the door. What a rough way to end a week, and to kick off a trip that I wasn’t even sure if I was going to be taking.

Saturday morning< style=""> I left there much better, although without a motor. A new motor and regulator arm would only set me back $145, unfortunately it was on national back order and out of stock, and they recommended that I check the dealerships in Vegas, so I was soon on my way out of town and bound for Sin City.

The voyage to Las Vegas, was much like any other one, long and boring, although this one was filled with snow as it was damn hard to see anything when going into Tonopah and then once approaching Indian Springs the rain was pounding and thus seeping in the tiny crack between my window and the top of the seal at the top of my door. Upon arriving in Vegas though I was ready for what awaited me that evening, and that was hockey, what other way could I think of to bring my spirits up?


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