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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Hmm backgrounder time

Since this is new, and designed for a class I thought I might as well give everyone a little bit of background information about me.
In general I am just another college student, hailing from out of state, going to the University of Nevada, Reno. I am a journalism major hoping to go into print, but doubting that decision on a daily basis.
More than anything I have a love afair with the open road, I like nothing more than getting in a car and taking off through Nevada, California, Oregon or wherever in search of adventure and a place to happen.
I attempt to get out of town whenever I can financially afford to do so, which seems to be more and more often. As for driving itself, I am always in the market for a new vehicle to take my trips in, preferably something much more vintage than my present car which is only three years old.
The present goal is to open up a garage and speed shop in Northern Arizona post graduation with a good friend of mine from Las Vegas, specializing in rebuilding and restoring classic cars. Needless to say that sounds a hell of alot more exciting than working at a dead end newspaper in Montana or something like that. Flagstaff in itself seems like a pretty darn cool place to call home, alot better to raise a family if that oppertunity ever comes to be. That seeems less likly some days, and more likly on others, seems to be a hit or miss situation entirly.
Besides my love for the open road, I am a big hockey fan, as I love the Chicago Blackhawks (yeah so what if we suck) as well as the Chicago Wolves of the American Hockey Leage. Hockey has been huge in my life as I have attended games since I was seven years old back in 1992.

I guess thats all for now, comment, ask questions, and knock yourself out


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