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Saturday, March 04, 2006

I can get behind anything...

I was just thinking earlier today that you the reader, well if there are any readers (hello out there to those of you who do read this) what the heck the title of Roadside Attraction was referring to.

The phrase Another Roadside Attraction comes from the slogan used by the Tragically Hip, a Canadian rock and roll band from Kingston, Ontario who called their summer tours the “Another Roadside Attraction Tour, etc.

Anyways, on to more important matters, I am now $400 stuck thanks to my crap car and it’s needing of new struts and two new tires before voyaging on spring break to all points south. The last thing I need is a wheel coming off or something between Las Vegas and Flagstaff, that would be a recipe for disaster, AAA can only bail someone out so much.

As for other cars, I am still in the market for something, something vintage, that’s pretty much the only requirement I have anymore. A Porsche would of course be nice, but would of course be an instant money pit, which wouldn’t be the best thing for me, but it would make me happy, and likely save me from blowing my money on other useless crap.

I am certainly looking forward to next weekend which will feature a trip to Oakland to hang out with Amy (the part-time girlfriend) and some of her friends which shall be exciting. Ill get my fist experience with Basque food so that should be interesting as well. Overall it should be a excellent time, well except for he drive on Friday night to get there, but that’s to be expected, rush hour is always the best time to travel at least for me because its a lot harder to get lost when you’re moving along at three miles an hour. Speaking of getting lost, what’s the deal with me being able to get lost practically anywhere? In Sacramento I ended up in pasture land north of town and away from everything. I also got lost finding a house that I knew where it was and had been there before. Even back in the Rose City I can get lost and I lived there for 20 years of my life. The one surprising thing is that in all my trips to Las Vegas, I have never been truly lost there, I have gotten turned around while going from the airport to the strip, but I have never gotten completely lost, which does indeed make me quite pleased.

Anyways, that’s it for tonight, I’m shot, tired, exhausted, and feel like I got hit by a small truck so I think its naptime for me.


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