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Monday, March 27, 2006

California Dreaming

Southern California, what was I getting myself into, I didn’t know till I arrived. Cruising on the 15 through Baker, and Barstow, I for the first time hit historic route 66 as I rocketed west at 85 miles an hour towards Pasadena and Cal Tech where I was to pick Amy up for lunch.
The ride was far from smooth, but the bumpy road finally let me figure out why my car was making weird plastic vibrating noises, my glove box is apparently rather loose, knowing this I worry much less about something being drastically wrong now.
TO be rather up front, southern California traffic is NOT that bad, I was able to easily navigate my way to Pasadena to meet Amy and her co workers for lunch at this wonderful little Mexican place which was oh so good after not eating since I left Las Vegas several hours before.
The weather in Southern California was absolutely amazing, seriously, how can someone go wrong with someplace that is typically 75 and sunny outside? The climate is seriously to die for.
Seeing Amy as always made me incredibly happy as I instantly had a huge smile on my face that stayed on my face till now, a day after I returned home from beautiful Costa Mesa California.
While in Orange County tons of fun was had, Disneyland was amazing, I’m glad I finally made it there as I had never been to southern California either. Overall it was amazing and I am so very glad that I went. I had so much fun with everything that I did. Disneyland, the Mighty Ducks game against Nashville with Amy, which also happened to be her first sportive event ever. Following the game we went to her favourite hang out the Goat Hill which is likely one of the coolest bars I have ever seen as we hung out nearly till closing time and I had the chance to meet several of her friends.
On the trip I also got to go to the Orange County marketplace which is a massive swap meet where I found all sorts of cool stuff.
I got to dine at all sorts of new and interesting places, well at least new and interesting to me, California Pizza Kitchen, The Chicken Coop, as well as drinks at Dave and Busters before going with Amy to watch an awesome movie V for Vendetta at the Irvine Spectrum. Speaking of Irvine I also got taken on a tour of The University of California, Irvine by Amy, as she graduated from there last year.
In a wrap, it was amazing, and I am a much better person for making the trip, as I am both a bit of a different person but also a hell of a lot happier now than I was before I left, mainly due to the fact that I absolutely love traveling but also because of Amy, who is my sweetheart, and an absolutely amazing girl who I care about more than anyone.
I lone I am leaving out parts of the trip, but it was all a blur. I must return as I loved it and I hope to soon.


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