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Sunday, May 07, 2006

the wrap up

What a weekend it has been, who knew moving could take so much out of you? Never before has a move made me feel as exhausted as I feel right now, even moving everything in the span of six hours didn’t make me feel this exhausted. But enough about me being in pain; my new place is absolutely amazing to say the least.

The new apartment is absolutely gigantic, it is so much larger than I expected, and it looks so very empty with nothing but boxes in it from me moving. The furniture, or lack there of amounts to a small folding table and two camping chairs, needless to say that needs to be fixed. A bed and other needed furniture needs to be purchased as time permits, as the sooner the apartment looks well like a home the better.

I will say it was a rather pleasant surprise when I walked into the apartment for the first time and saw a fireplace that I was told my apartment didn’t even have, as well as a fully stocked kitchen and more storage space that I can shake a stick at. There is nothing I love more than having a ton of storage space, as the more the better, always.

More than anything I cant believe how tired and somewhat sick I am, allergies are actually wrecking me this year, last year I was a-okay and now this year, they are killing me. Sagebrush I think is going to be one of my enemies for the summer, and I’m looking forward to that oh so much.

Also, finals are upon me, and classes are going well for the most part it seems, my project for Journalism 204 is honestly the only thing giving me troubles. Editing video was never all too high on my list of things to do, or thinks that I enjoy, and alas, that’s what I am having to do a lot of. At least I am slowly learning the program and am actually able to help people now, which is always a nice thing. Its been one hell of a semester, I am glad that it is finally drawing to a close but it has been a good one, I have changed quite a bit since the beginning and mostly all for the best I think. Its been a wild ride but its been fun and isn’t that all that really matters?